"We love the idea of navigating how to live, thrive, do community in this new world, but to be honest we’ve become very comfortable in our isolation. It’s a challenge to get into community and give of ourselves."

"How can we live in this new era, above, all that the world is throwing at us but still live in a place of courage and walking out what God has spoken over our lives? It's a deal!" 

Chat Along with Helen is an answer to  this! 

Chat Along with Helen is a FREE ADDITION that runs alongside Living Courage #1 - How to Live the Power of Vulnerability Course.

Connect with a community of like minded. This is a safe, sacred place where your learning is yours. 

Looking forward to meeting you!



2 LIVE Zoom Chat Along Sessions - Looking at content from How to Live the Power of Vulnerability Course with Helen. 

1 LIVE Zoom Prayer, Prophecy and Activation at the end  


Enroll and begin How to Live the Power of Vulnerability eCourse - Living Courage #1. PLEASE NOTE: This is a prerequisite to the Chat Along with Helen Workshop. If you have already purchased this Course, there is no need to purchase it again, you are set to go!

Choose and meet with your PEP. This will make make sense once you have enrolled in the How to Live the Power of Vulnerability Course - Living Courage #1. 

A Blank Workbook - any size is fine.


- Ideal for personal or professional development especially for those in Leadership, Christian Ministry, Business, Education or Health Care Sectors.

- Ideal to add to your Parenting tool box - empower your children to live courageously! Having used this material in our family, it’s transformed how we do life and fun together.


1. How to connect and stay connected to your life, the people that matter to you and to God. What vulnerability is and what it is not, and why it is critical to living courageously, creatively and powerfully in every aspect of our lives personally and professionally.

2. The transforming power of connection as a core value for family life, business life, classrooms and faith communities

3. The importance God puts on connection and how it is at the heart of everything He does and invites us into

4. Skills in vulnerability and growth in your gifts and calling

5. How to live more free so I respond from my values rather than reactions I may regret later or the values others put on me


The Bible is an account of a God who has stopped at nothing to get connection back with us. The centre piece of this story is vulnerability. The choice Jesus made to become human, was a choice for vulnerability. Jesus valued vulnerability and did vulnerability. His humanity was intrinsically tied to it. He knew full well the risk, uncertainty and emotional exposure of showing up as He was, fully human and fully God!

I don't believe we are going to move forward without having a strong value and commitment to vulnerability and connection. It is our way home to authenticity. Vulnerability and connection are at the heart of the Gospel of Jesus. Not only does our faith hinge on vulnerability, but we are not going to build strong healthy counter culture faith communities without it.


This workshop is lead by Helen Goatley, Instructor and Consultant. Helen’s work is based on over 20 years experience of helping and training people in many different settings and cultures internationally.

This is a training workshop, not a Counselling course, though it can be helpful for anyone in Life Coaching and the Health Care Sector.

What's OK and What is not OK?

It is OK to do this workshop with others in your Leadership or Staffing teams, friendship groups or Church groups. We ask that each group member pay for the How to Live the Power of Vulnerability eCourse - Living Courage #1 themselves. We live by a core value of honor and this is a way to honor the work of the Author and yourself as a learner. We value what we sacrifice for. For me, this is a means of income and a way of supporting the work so I can continue in it. Share, learn, grow and change the world you live in!

It is NOT OK to use any part of this workshop or it's materials for commercial use. You can not sell it, sell training based on it or create a website redistributing this workshop or any material from it.


    1. What is Your Biggest Life Question?

    2. A message from Helen. There is essential information you need to view in ALL the following sections before starting.

    3. What to Expect and What you Need

    4. Important Practicals - a Message from Helen

    1. Chat Along with Helen Session 1 VIDEO Recording. TOPIC: Mythbusting Vulnerability is Disclosure

    2. Chat Along with Helen Session 2 VIDEO Recording. TOPIC: How to do Vulnerability in Workplace and Faith Communities

    3. Chat Along with Helen Session 3 VIDEO RECORDING

    1. Before you go... 2 Important Questions for You

    2. How to Stay Connected

About this course

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  • 9 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content


Founder, Author and Consultant Helen Goatley

Helen Goatley B.A. Dip Ed. Dip Theol. is a thought provoking, keynote Speaker and Consultant. Helen brings enormous International experience and over 20 years of equipping people to a greater connection with God and for their destiny. Helen studied at The University of Melbourne, La Trobe University and Melbourne College of Theology. Helen has also studied under Dr Brene Brown of University of Houston, USA where she completed Dr Brown's Living Brave Semester, The Wisdom of Story and Self-Compassion Semesters. Trained in Leadership at Bethel Church Redding, USA, she brings experience and training in Education, Anthropology and Leadership. Helen along with her husband Mark, are the Founders and Directors of All4Him, an International Christian Ministry. Helen and Mark have lived and founded this organisation in Europe, USA and Australia. Helen provides Professional Consultancy and Training for Leaders, Christian Communities and Organisations in Christian, Education and Business sectors. Helen is recognized as a Supervisor for Leaders by the Churches of Christ Victoria/Tasmania and Baptist Union of Queensland. She also works with leaders in ACC. Helen is the Author and Trainer of the well sort after Professional Development Training series, Living Courage and Experiencing the Presence of God Series. This training is available online at All4Him.Thinkific.com and also live. Helen has worked with Wycliffe Bible Translators, YWAM and All4Him. Prior to this, Helen was teaching in the Education Sector in Australia. Helen is part of the Australia and New Zealand Prophetic Company as well as the Bethel Leaders Network. She has been connected to Bethel Church Redding USA for over 18 years. Helen enjoys painting, snow shoeing and cycling


5 star rating

Worth It!

Shiree Lind

This course was insightful and real. Helen is very willing to answer questions, making it easier to understand the content. It is powerful and life changin...

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This course was insightful and real. Helen is very willing to answer questions, making it easier to understand the content. It is powerful and life changing. Thank you!

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4 star rating

Chat Along feedback

Judith Wong

I really enjoyed having the opportunity to connect with Helen online via Zoom and also 'meet' the other participants in the course. I really enjoyed the vide...

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I really enjoyed having the opportunity to connect with Helen online via Zoom and also 'meet' the other participants in the course. I really enjoyed the videos and activities within the Chat Along with Helen and Living Courage #1 course. God bless and thanks for blessing people with these courses!

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