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How to Live the Power of Vulnerability - Living Courage #1

"The most accurate measure of courage is Vulnerability." (Brene Brown)

How to Live the Power of Vulnerability is choosing safe connection rather than safe distance in our relationships, leadership, families and faith communities. 

With people admitting "We love the idea of navigating how to live, do or thrive in community. To be honest we’ve become very comfortable in our isolation. It’s a challenge to get back into community and give of ourselves." 

With loneliness now at epidemic levels in the Western world, courage to connect is one of our greatest social needs and challenges.

For connection to happen, we must be vulnerable. This doesn't mean we have to wear our heart on our sleeve. Vulnerability without boundaries is fear and anxiety. So what then is vulnerability and how do we do connection?


The Bible is an account of a God who has stopped at nothing to get connection back with us. The centre piece of this story is vulnerability. The choice Jesus made to become human, was a choice for vulnerability. Jesus valued vulnerability and did vulnerability. His humanity was intrinsically tied to it. He knew full well the risk, uncertainty and emotional exposure of showing up as He was, fully human and fully God!

I don't believe we are going to move forward without having a strong value and commitment to vulnerability and connection. It is our way home to authenticity. Vulnerability and connection are at the heart of the Gospel of Jesus. Not only does our faith hinge on vulnerability, but we are not going to build strong healthy counter culture faith communities without it.

This AWARD WINNING course is the first foundation stone of building courage as a life style. The Living Courage training series consists of four courses each designed to build onto each other creating a comprehensive understanding and development of the skills and culture of courage. 

Living Courage is sourced from Anthropological and Sociological research. This is a Personal and Professional training course, not a Counseling course, though it can be helpful for anyone in Life Coaching and the Health Care Sector.

What You Will Learn

How to Live the Power of Vulnerability is a training that will forever change how you see courage and connection

  • The power of connection and the joy of living connected to others. You will develop skills to manage effectively connection through vulnerability

  • Confidently discern what is vulnerability and what is not

  • The importance God puts on connection and how it is at the heart of everything He does and invites us into

  • Why vulnerability is critical to innovation, living courageously and powerfully in every aspect of our lives personally and professionally

  • The transforming power of safe connection as a core value for family life, business life, classrooms and faith communities

  • Master the principals of courage so you can own your life and your leadership

  • How to live so I respond from my values rather than reactions I may regret later or the values others put on me

What You Receive

  • Greater Self Awareness

    Self Awareness is key to healthy relationships and vital in leadership. Vulnerability is at the heart of developing Self Awareness.

  • Confidence

    Knowing how to maintain your confidence and skill in offering and receiving vulnerability with the goal of connection that can be applied in your personal and professional life. Enhance your skills in decision making in your connection with God, your leadership, parenting and workplace relationships

  • Clarity

    Clear understanding of what is required and how to maintain movement, courage and breakthrough in your life and destiny

  • Biblically Based Solid Research

    Engaging bite size videos interspersed with self evaluation tasks supported by downloadable practical exercises and other resources to help you build step by step, revise and consolidate the learning. This course is based on a set of learnable skills

  • Certificate of Completion

    Issued upon your request and your completion of this training

Course Curriculum

    1. PEP - Peer Encouragement Partner and Lego Person

    2. Workbook, PEP and Lego Person Details

    3. Lego Person pdf

    4. PEP Worksheet pdf

    5. PEP Exercise Answers

    1. Vulnerability can be fun - Hilarious Ad for Sale of Van

    2. Made for Connection and Vulnerability - Exciting discoveries in Medical Science and how Physiologically we are made for Connection

    3. Exercise #1 Video - God, Connection and Vulnerability: Central theme in the Bible

    4. Exercise #1 Details - God, Connection and Vulnerability: Central theme in the Bible

    5. Exercise #1 Video Answers

    6. Exercise #1 Answers Continued

    1. What is Vulnerability?

    2. Exercise #2 Video - What is Vulnerability to you?

    3. Misunderstandings about Vulnerability - Redefining Vulnerability

    4. Exercise #2 - Vulnerability Feels like..

    5. Exercise #3 Video - Appreciating Your Lens of Vulnerability

    6. Exercise #3 - Appreciating Your Lens of Vulnerability

    7. Vulnerability Sounds - Identifying some of your Vulnerability words and phrases and Vulnerability in the Work place

About this course

  • $55.00
  • 38 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

About the Instructor

Founder, Author and Consultant Helen Goatley

Helen Goatley B.A. Dip Ed. Dip Theol. is a thought provoking, keynote Speaker and Consultant. Helen brings enormous International experience and over 20 years of equipping people to a greater connection with God and for their destiny. Helen studied at The University of Melbourne, La Trobe University and Melbourne College of Theology. Helen has also studied under Dr Brene Brown of University of Houston, USA where she completed Dr Brown's Living Brave Semester, The Wisdom of Story and Self-Compassion Semesters. Trained in Leadership at Bethel Church Redding, USA, she brings experience and training in Education, Anthropology and Leadership. Helen along with her husband Mark, are the Founders and Directors of All4Him, an International Christian Ministry. Helen and Mark have lived and founded this organisation in Europe, USA and Australia. Helen provides Professional Consultancy and Training for Leaders, Christian Communities and Organisations in Christian, Education and Business sectors. Helen is recognized as a Supervisor for Leaders by the Churches of Christ Victoria/Tasmania and Baptist Union of Queensland. She also works with leaders in ACC. Helen is the Author and Trainer of the well sort after Professional Development Training series, Living Courage and Experiencing the Presence of God Series. This training is available online at and also live. Helen has worked with Wycliffe Bible Translators, YWAM and All4Him. Prior to this, Helen was teaching in the Education Sector in Australia. Helen is part of the Australia and New Zealand Prophetic Company as well as the Bethel Leaders Network. She has been connected to Bethel Church Redding USA for over 18 years. Helen enjoys painting, snow shoeing and cycling

What Others are Saying:

5 star rating

Very good quality Production and Content

Mark .

I am amazed at the professionalism and quality of this. So Good! The content is great and practical, especially relevant as I run my own business. Vulnera...

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I am amazed at the professionalism and quality of this. So Good! The content is great and practical, especially relevant as I run my own business. Vulnerability didn't link with words like fun and courage for me before but now they do. I feel much more equiped to engage out there with confidence and less fear.

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5 star rating

Worth It!

Shiree Lind

This course was insightful and real. Helen is very willing to answer questions, making it easier to understand the content. It is powerful and life changin...

Read More

This course was insightful and real. Helen is very willing to answer questions, making it easier to understand the content. It is powerful and life changing. Thank you!

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Transform the way you live, love and lead

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can do this?

    If you are desiring greater quality of life, meaning in life and desire to improve your personal relationships including your relationship with God. The only requirement needed is experience in working alongside people in a group be it as simple as in a family or in the larger setting of a work place or faith community

  • Can I do this if I am already in Leadership?

    Absolutely yes! If you have experience in Management, Christian Ministry (including Leading Small Groups), Business, HR, Life Coaching, Education and Health Care Professionals this is ideal for next level up development

  • Can I use this in my parenting?

    Yes! Having used this material in our family, it’s transformed completely how we do life and fun together

  • I'm in a life transition, is this good to do now?

    This training is ideal if you are seeking to improve you’re career prospects and professional relationships

  • Is there a Living Courage Manual?

    Yes and you can purchase it anytime. Purchase link is available when you sign in

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