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Training to build big people for a big moment in history with a big God


Living Courage #3 - Building Powerful Shame and Honor Resilience e-Course

The impact of Shame is devastating. It robs us of who we are. To not address shame in our families, schools, faith communities, businesses and nations will be the end of them. So what is shame & it's answer, honor?


Living Courage Series #2 - How to Master Emotional Intelligence e- Course

Emotional Intelligence has been shown to be the leading predictor for financial success and health, and the single biggest predictor of performance in the workplace. God does Emotional Intelligence, so how do we?


Living Courage Series #1 - How to Live the Power of Vulnerability e- Course

If you are going to value courage, vulnerability is not an option. It is our way home to authencity and it is the only way we can do faith.


Experiencing the Presence of God - Nuances of God's Presence e-Course

Welcome! This is one of our most popular and in demand live Trainings! Our intention in this course is to assist you to comprehend and master the uniqueness of how you carry and release God's Presence revealing who He is. Excited you have joined us!


How to Succeed in our Changed Culture LECTURE

Welcome! Culture has changed, we all feel it. How now do we succeed in Business, Education, Ministry and life? Let this lecture get your head and heart around this massive change, and navigate with understanding rather than be blindsided by it


FREE Video LECTURE on Living Courage and Vulnerability

Everyone is talking about vulnerability. But what is it and how do we do it well especially in the challenging business of being alive! This FREE video lecture is designed to encourage you and help you get to where you want to go!