Prophetic Pioneers

6 DAY E-DEVOTIONAL - The Process of Pioneering Your Prophetic Words

We are in a very exciting time on the earth! We have unprecedented opportunities to arise and shine. 

Prophetic Pioneers are those that God has chosen to send ahead to bring the new. This is the essence of prophesy - it brings heaven's perspective, will and culture to earth.

We are living in a moment where we get to usher in a deeper understanding of the finished work of the cross of Jesus and His power to redeem not only the past but the present and future in a way that is not only going to overflow and flood the earth but blow the roof off! 

His goodness will been seen, experienced and known.


In this 6 Day e-Devotional, be encouraged and equipped with learning the processes of pioneering our prophetic words, through the life of Joseph from Psalm 105.

Course Curriculum

DAY #5 DEVOTIONAL - Keys to Breaking Through Challenges Continued

What's included?

13 Videos
2 Texts
6 PDFs
Helen Goatley
Helen Goatley
Founder, Author and Consultant

About the instructor

Helen Goatley  B.A. Dip Ed. Dip Theol

is a dynamic thought provoking, keynote Speaker and Instructor. Helen brings enormous International experience and over 20 years of equipping people to a greater connection with God and for their destiny.

Helen studied at The University of Melbourne, La Trobe University and Melbourne College of Theology. Trained in Leadership at Bethel Church Redding, USA, she brings experience and training in Education, Anthropology and Leadership. Helen has also studied under Dr Brene Brown of University of Houston, USA where she completed Dr Brown's Living Brave Semester, The Wisdom of Story and Self-Compassion Semester. Helen has also completed Dr Brown's Dare to Lead and Daring Classrooms Curriculum

* Helen along with her husband Mark, are the Founders and Directors of All4Him The Tabernacle, an International Christian Ministry. They provide Professional Consultancy and Training for Leaders, Christian Communities and Organisations. Helen and Mark have lived and founded this organisation in Europe, USA and Australia

* Helen is the Author and Instructor of the well sort after Living Courage Series and Experiencing the Presence of God Series

* Helen provides Professional Development training in the Christian, Education and Business sectors

* Helen has worked with Wycliffe Bible Translators, YWAM and All4Him The Tabernacle. Prior to this, Helen was teaching in the Education Sector in Australia. Helen and Mark are part of the Bethel Leaders Network of Bethel Church Redding, USA

* Helen enjoys painting, snow shoeing and music

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Pam Eliason

Prophetic Pioneers 6 Day Devotional

These past 6 days have been so encouraging, the daily devotional was answering questions I didn't know that i needed to ask, and confirming much of what I knew already. It was in simple language, each word given in a way that they went deep int...

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