How to Build Powerful Shame Resilience and Cultures of Honor - Living Courage #3

Breaking out of Shame to no longer rob you of who you are - An Intermediate Guide

Shame permeates our lives, our families, our vocations, our businesses, our faith communities and our nations.
Equip you to live bigger, live freer individually and in a team, with essential keys to building powerful skills to live courage.

I was doing this training live recently. At the end of the training, a lady came up to me and with a huge smile on my face said to me, “I get it!! I know what is happening around me now and I know what the glass ceiling is that I have been hitting! I am free!! I know how to move ahead! Thank you!!”

Glass ceilings. We all hit it. Be it in our careers, our businesses, our connection with God and others.

Shame is a glass ceiling that locks us in, tells us to live small and not show up. It cripples us, our families, our faith communities, our businesses, our sporting clubs and entire nations.

By the end of this experiential course you will understand and have more skills in living a lifestyle of courage in the context of shame culture. 

You will be able to identify how shame works with you, how it is outworking around you, be it in business, your family, your faith communitiy.

You will enjoy experiencing more movement in every aspect of your life.

This life changing material! It will lift you emotionally, relationally & spiritually to a new level and discover greater freedom.


Building Powerful Shame and Honor Resilience is a e-Course you can do in your own time, at your own pace!


1 hour on-demand video

10 downloadable resources

Full Lifetime Access

Access on Mobile and TV


Certificate of Completion

This course is empowering and life giving. One staff member of a local business, stood up at the end of a live training and declared "Now I know what's been limiting me! I am free!!" Several weeks later I bumped into her spouse, and he said to me "I can't believe what has happened to my wife! This course of yours has set her so free, I can't get the smile off her face!"

This is a safe, sacred place where your learning is yours. Your answers are yours and they are not monitored or recorded in anyway.  

The central purpose of this practical and empowering course is to aid you in developing self awareness, resilience and confidence in living, loving and leading through connection, authenticity and courage. You will finish this course understanding what is the biggest disconnect in relationships, your life goals and community experience.  


~ If you have experience in Leadership, Management, Christian Ministry (including Lay Leadership like Small Groups), Business, HR, Life Coaches, Education and Health Care Professionals

~ If you are seeking to improve you’re career prospects and professional relationships through valuing connection, authenticity and courage

~ This course is ideal if you who want to improve your quality of life, show up and working resiliently towards your life dreams and relationships

~ Parents - As a parent I have used this material with my child who is now using it in their life


~ Willingness to be honest and gentle with yourself and others as you journey through this course

~ Experience in working alongside people in a group be it as simple as in a family or in the larger setting of a work place or faith community.


1. You will recognise and understand what is shame culture and language, and not be taken out by it.

2. You will develop skills in how to effectively build shame resilience and apply them in the various situations and responsibilities in your life.

3. Learn how to create and maintain a culture of honor where dignity and truth are valued. How you develop the shame breaking soft skill of empathy.

4. How you can respond from your values rather than reaction responses you may regret later.

5. You will build greater success in living, loving and leading through connection, authenticity and courage.

6. Skills and tools to build powerful resilience and courage

7. More about the grace of God and who you are in Jesus


The objective of this course is to equip you with

1. A greater self awareness of the "Master Emotion" called shame

2. Awareness and Strategies to navigate the shame culture we now live in regardless of your occupation or life stage.

3. Breakthrough in freedom with Shame and maintaining that freedom, movement and courage.

4. Successfully increasing your confidence and skill in resilience with shame and honor.

5. More confident in your decisions, faith, leadership, parenting and workplace relationships.

6. Engaging short videos interspersed with self evaluation tasks supported by downloadable practical exercises and other resources to help you revise and consolidate the learning.

This course is based on a set of learnable skills. It is Biblically based and backed up by a detailed body of research.

How to Build Powerful Shame Resilience and Cultures of Honor is the third foundation stone of building courage as a life style and is part of the Living Courage Series. This training series is designed to build onto each other creating a deeper more comprehensive understanding and development of the skills and lifestyle of courage.


After the Prophet Samuel anointed and proclaimed Saul as King over Israel, it records that "Samuel then explained to the people the behaviour of royalty and wrote it in book and laid it up before the Lord." (1 Samuel 10:25)

I believe that partnering with Jesus to see His Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven, is to become more aware of our royal identity and His! Understanding how shame and honor work on our identity and the culture each creates is not only essential, but empowering for change. The Kingdom of Heaven will be marked by honor in our lives and through our lives.

Leading Researcher on Shame, Dr Brene Brown says, "We can't pretend this isn't getting in the way. I don't think we can say this is not happening in homes, in the nations we are living in right now. Shame has become part of the landscape and has become worse."

We are not going to build strong healthy counter culture faith communities without building resilience in shame and honor. Communities as with individuals, self destruct under the weight of our complex, demanding world without developing their resilience in the area of shame and who they are as people with value. It is essential for your personal and professional development.

Each section has engaging short videos interspersed with self evaluation tasks supported by downloadable practical exercises and other resources to help you revise and consolidate the learning. This course is based on a set of learnable skills. It is Biblically based and backed up by a huge body of research.

You will develop and move towards building powerful shame and honor resilience.


This course features easily learned elements supported by practical exercises, all clearly explained by Helen Goatley, Instructor and Consultant.

Helen’s work is based on over 20 years experience of helping and inspiring people in many different settings and cultures internationally.

Living Courage is sourced from Anthropological and Sociological research. This is a training course and not a Counselling course, though it can be helpful for anyone in Life Coaching and the Health Care Sector.

If during this course you come into a deeper awareness of your life journey. We encourage you to courageously seek out the professional help you need to succeed further and bravely own your story and destiny. People who do this are heroes and champions.

What's OK and What is not OK?

It is OK to do this course and use all worksheets with others in your Leadership or Staffing teams, friendship groups or Church groups. We ask that each group member pay for the course themselves. We live by a core value of honor and this is a way to honor the work of the Author and yourself as a learner. We value what we sacrifice for. For me, this is a means of income and a way of supporting the work so I can continue in it. Share, learn, grow and change the world you live in!

It is NOT OK to use, copy or video any part of this course or it's materials for commercial use. You can not sell it, sell training based on it or create a website redistributing this course or any material from it.

If you are interested in going after more, consider doing another course in this Living Courage Series or our Experiencing the Presence of God Series. 

Professional Consultations are also a great way to incorporate what God is highlighting to you in a very practical and relevant way. Consultations are available by contacting

Course Curriculum

About the Instructor

Founder, Author and Consultant

Helen Goatley

Helen Goatley B.A. Dip Ed. Dip Theol. is a dynamic thought provoking, keynote Speaker and Consultant. Helen brings enormous International experience and over 20 years of equipping people to a greater connection with God and for their destiny. Helen studied at The University of Melbourne, La Trobe University and Melbourne College of Theology. Helen has also studied under Dr Brene Brown of University of Houston, USA where she completed Dr Brown's Living Brave Semester, The Wisdom of Story and Self-Compassion Semester. Helen has also completed Dr Brown's Dare to Lead and Daring Classrooms Curriculum. Trained in Leadership at Bethel Church Redding, USA, she brings experience and training in Education, Anthropology and Leadership. Helen along with her husband Mark, are the Founders and Directors of All4Him, an International Christian Ministry. They provide Professional Consultancy and Training for Leaders, Christian Communities and Organisations. Helen and Mark have lived and founded this organisation in Europe, USA and Australia. Helen is the Author and Instructor of the well sort after Professional Development Training series, Living Courage and Experiencing the Presence of God Series. This training is available online at the All4Him Training and also live. Helen provides Professional Development training in the Christian, Education and Business sectors. Helen has worked with Wycliffe Bible Translators, YWAM and All4Him The Tabernacle. Prior to this, Helen was teaching in the Education Sector in Australia. Helen and Mark are part of the Bethel Leaders Network of Bethel Church Redding, USA Helen enjoys painting, snow shoeing and cycling.


5 star rating

Living Courage - Building Powerful Shame and Honor Resili...

Sandy Gray

Helen's teaching around shame was eye opening and showed me how I was constantly living under shame. The course helped me change the way I think about myself...

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Helen's teaching around shame was eye opening and showed me how I was constantly living under shame. The course helped me change the way I think about myself and how I live day to day. "Shame is that painful feeling I am not good enough" and this course taught me how to build habits into my life to come against this and other shame statements I have believed. "We are never not going to experience shame but we can move through it and not be defined by it." I am no longer defined by my shame experiences. Highly recommend the Living Courage course.

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