Experiencing the Presence of God - Nuances of God's Presence

Build your confidence and be equipped practically to experience more of God's Presence. Develop greater spiritual and emotional health in your connection with God, results in a greater appreciation and mindfulness of the unique way in which you carry and release His presence to the world around you. This is for people who want more.

Around the year 2000, there was a global shift where suddenly people started to hunger for the Presence of God. They didn't want religion anymore, they wanted encounter with the God of the Bible. Graeme Cooke said it best, "God is inviting us to enter a whole new spiritual dimension, a climate so thick with the presence of God that it will affect our ability to stand, let alone walk. For God is restoring His manifest presence among us.’" Graham Cooke, A Divine Confrontation.

As a result a pursuit for more of God has risen. Individuals and communities have realised that we have been called to such intimate communion with God that all things are possible for us who believe and who have been created like Him. There has been a deepening revelation of "the death of Jesus on the cross making it possible for humanity to come into a place that had previously been hidden, where mankind could carry the Presence of God and do all He did." Heidi Baker, Missionary & CEO of Iris Global

As people all over the world began to grasp this, there has been such an awakening of the transforming power of the Presence of God. Pastor Bill Johnson of Bethel Church, articulated in this way, "People not only were healed when Jesus prayed for them, they just seemed to get well when they were near Him. It was actually the Presence of God upon him, for the anointing is a person." 

An encounter with the Presence of God, is an encounter with the Person of God and that changes us forever.

In this first course of four in the Experiencing the Presence of God Series we will cover:

- What is Presence? 

- What is the foundation and science of what forms our connection to the Presence of God and others?

- How we can practice the Presence of God?

- Cultivate your ability to recognise, differentiate and partner with the Nuances of God's presence personally for you and corporately.

- Comprehend and master further the uniqueness of how you carry and release God's presence with you.

This course is an excellent way to keep building your own history with God and/or to do with a group.

What's included?

9 Videos
7 Texts
5 PDFs
Helen Goatley
Helen Goatley
Senior Instructor, Founder, Speaker and Consultant

About the instructor

Helen Goatley B.A. Dip Ed. Dip Theol 

is a dynamic thought provoking keynote speaker and teacher. Helen brings enormous International experience and years of equipping people in their destiny and to a greater connection with God.

* Helen along with her husband Mark, are the Founders and Directors of All4Him The Tabernacle, an International Christian Ministry focused on empowering individuals, Christian Churches and Organisations to create space and live from the Presence of God. She has lived and founded this Organisation in Germany, USA and Australia. 

* Helen also provides Consultancy for individuals and Leadership teams operating in the Church, Education & Business sectors.

* Helen has been in full time Christian Ministry for over 20 years, working with Wycliffe Bible Translators, YWAM and in Pastoral Work. Helen is aligned with Bethel Church Redding in USA.

* Prior to this, she was a High School Teacher. Helen brings experience and training in Education, Anthropology and Leadership. Recently Helen studied under Dr Brene Brown of University of Houston. 

* Helen enjoys painting, snow shoeing and music.


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